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The Weekly Nerd Review – 01

You know what has information? The internet. You know what I like to share with people? Shit from the internet.

Welcome to my weekly series that will be discussing all of the non video game related nerdy stuff that I come across over the course of my travels. If you want to see Video Games released this week, check out Orion’s post from Monday.

I will be covering Movies, Table Top Games, Minatures, cool looking things on kickstarter or shapeways, all of that could be covered. Since this is the innaugaral post, I want to cover some of the things that have made me laugh, cry, giggle, cheer, or that I wanted to share in recent weeks, to get you up to speed.

Firstly, Movies and TV:

Fantastic 4: While it has received some mixed reviews from my friends, I love the new trailer. The angle that they are taking is intriguing. The Negative Zone and inter dimensional travel has been a part of the Marvel universe since 1966, and first made it’s entry into Marvel Comics as part of a Fantastic Four story arc. I am interested to see how they use it. Ben Grimm / The Thing looks well done in the trailer (The Giant Rock Man for those who don’t know), I was NOT a fan of how they portrayed him in the previous FF movies, though I don’t know many people who liked much about that series. The changes to how Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic’s powers work made me raise a brow. They are making it more “science” and less… random I Guess.

Avengers: It’s hard for me not to be excited for Age of Ultron. I really enjoy the MCU and am excited to see where they take it. I mean, we all know how and where things are headed, but this is about the journey! I’ve been a fan of Aaron Taylor-Johnson since Kick-Ass, and he showed his range a little bit with Savages. I’m hopeful for him in this movie. The shot’s I’ve seen of Vision made me smile, though I don’t think he will have a big role.

Ant Man: The train fight made me both laugh and cheer, Yellow Jacket looks really cool. I was on the fence about this movie, and while I am not super hyped for it, I am no longer leaning to the “wait for dvd release” side. I will go check it out in the theatre.

Batman V Superman: While it has recieved mixed reviews, I personally really like this trailer. DC has outright stated that their movies are going to be dark and gritty. I believe the statement was around the fact that they have no desire to make people laugh in the theatre. Given that, the dark nature of the trailer makes sense. The belief that humans would both worship and fear someone like Superman, with the contrast that as people worship there will be others looking to stop him. I think that Luthor’s role in this movie will be akin to a cattle prod, trying to get Batman to hunt Supes.

I also came across some B-Roll footage of a modern and definitely more menacing version of the Batmobile. It fits with the themes that we are seeing from the trailer. Sending a shout out to my friend Jamie who pointed this out to me. It looks like a very dark take on the vehicle, but I am trying to keep my hopes up that Zach Snyder doesn’t have Bats just outright murdering people.

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