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AYBReviews: ReaSnow CrossHair

By Scott Bewer

On the bench today is the CrossHair made by ReaSnow. The goal of this device is to allow gamers to use whichever input devices they want on the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles. By plugging CrossHair into an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, a user can then connect a keyboard and mouse or any gaming controller from the previously mentioned consoles to control their game.

While some users may be interested in using Xbox controllers on PlayStation consoles, the main goal of this device is to allow the use of a mouse and keyboard with any of these systems.


Today’s review will demonstrate using a Razor Black Widow Ultimate mechanical keyboard and a Logitech G9x mouse on the Xbox One to determine whether or not the CrossHair really gives its users an in-game advantage.

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