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You’re All Grown Up But the Floor is Still Hot Lava


Everyone remembers it. Back in the day, with you and your action figures playing in the living room. Imagination running wild as you jump from chair to couch to table. Your mom walks in the room, and before she can tell you to stop jumping on the furniture, you yell out warning her that the floor is lava! Klei Entertainment has decided to take those memories and turn them into an intense gaming experience in Hot Lava.

Hot Lava puts players in the role of a life-sized action figure that has one job: Do NOT touch the floor or you’re dead. It’s a simple yet creative premise that shows a lot of promise from not only a parkour/free running style of gameplay, but also for creative level traversal. Players will have the ability to run, jump, climb, and wall run to traverse the deadly everyday environments of homes, schools, office buildings, and even some more “imaginative” locations.





The game does not have a set release date yet, but you can check out more info and sign up for the beta over at the games’ official site here.

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