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Year of VR: Google Partners With GoPro, Announces Google Jump

Google Jump array

Fellow editor Kevin Carbotte keeps calling 2015 the Year of VR, and I think he’s right.

At the Google I/O conference, Google has announced Google Jump, a new technology that will stitch together input from a camera array to allow for an easier way to film VR. The demonstrated array features 16 GoPro cameras arranged in a circle, which Google rep Clay Bavor says can work with any material, even cardboard.

Google Jump array

So, why does this interest us here at AYBOnline?

Well, sixteen GoPro cameras is about $6,400, give or take. Assuming extra cash for Jump itself, plus overhead costs, that’s still well under $10,000… which is very Kickstarter-able.

In short, indie VR just got a huge shot in the arm. Want to see what The Chinese Room can do with VR filming? Or Supergiant? I know I do.

We’ll keep following this as the Google I/O conference continues.

Via Engadget and VentureBeat.

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