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Xbox One Players Can Lock-On to Elite Dangerous: Arena Now


Attention Xbox One players craving for some aerial combat! Frontier Developments’ Elite Dangerous: Arena blasts in on Xbox One with more bobble-head action and the satisfying dog-fighting PVP combat of Frontier Development’s Elite Dangerous for a fraction of the game price. Have your thrusters on full and read on.

XBHorizons1_HD resized

Open space exploration in Elite Dangerous is quite vast, especially with the new Horizons expansion, the developer explained. Players will be able to explore not only space but also the surface of planets and moons.

For those of us with the time to and who enjoys space exploration, it’s epic sci-fi experience! But for some of us who want to jump in and wreak havoc, Arena would be the piece to gun for.

Frontier has confirmed that in Arena, players have access to 4 different fighters, the damage-dealer Eagle, the tankier ship Sidewinder, and my personal choice for their speed: the Federal and Imperial Fighters. Sure I may get a little sick due to the speed, but at least I won’t have to worry about losing my lunch in zero gravity!

XBHorizons2_HD resizedFrontier is also excited to announce that Arena will also feature four different arenas and 3 different game modes: Free for All, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. I think another great addition would be a VIP Escort game mode (a la Halo) where one pilot would be in a small tanky little ship (though weapon less) and everyone would attempt to go for each other’s VIP.

Anyone who already owns Elite Dangerous ($37.49 USD) for Xbox One or PC (via Steam and Frontier Store) has it included in the Core game, but Arena is available now as a standalone for the sweet price of $7.49 USD. You can check out the sweet trailer here.

We’ll be seeing you on the battlefield!

Kelvin M. is a content writer for, even though he hypes going to space; he’s pretty afraid of heights.

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