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Worst. Play. Ever. Overwatch Play Of The Game To Get an Overhaul


Overwatch’s Play of the Game has always had its issues. It really is a great feature and it’s certainly nice to get your time in the spotlight for being awesome at the game. But the problem, as many fans know, is, more often than not, the wrong plays are stealing that very spotlight.

Since the game released, Blizzard has acknowledged PotG’s flaws, but they have done little to nothing to actually fix the games feature. “We are tweaking it regularly, but not massively revamping it,” lead hero designer Geoff Goodman told me during an interview at BlizzCon.

He did add though that Play of the Game won’t keep rewarding people for running down hallways and dying forever. Play of the Game 2.0 is in the works.

“There’s a plan to do what we’re calling Play of the Game 2.0,” he said. “It’s been on the books for a little while. It’s just a matter of prioritizing everything. We have a lot of really cool ideas. We want to do a lot with the camera work. We have ideas for cooperative Play of the Games. Because what we have right now, is Zarya could ult, and then Genji gets the credit. And that’s like, ‘Come on!’”

“So we want to highlight the combo play itself, to show both,” he added. “There’s some tricky things there, like how do we handle Play of the Game intros, and how do we decide who gets credit.”

This is absolutely a feature that a lot of fans have been asking for and it would bring a new refreshing spin to the Plays of the Game and focus more on team play instead of a single player. “It could be cool with Mercy too,” he said, offering another example of a hero who doesn’t get much credit these days. “She could rez everybody, and then they could get a bunch of eliminations.”

Of course, Play of the Game 2.0 will be a slow process as there are many, MANY things to take into account, but rest assure that Blizzard is on it and we may finally see the day where the lesser known hero’s get their time in the lime light.

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