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World of Warships Open Beta Is Live

Attention all captains, this is a call to action! The World of Warships beta is now live!


Developer has a long history of delivering quality combat experiences, first on the ground with World of Tanks, then in the air with World of Warplanes, and now the latest addition, naval action MMO World of Warships.

Players will be able to take on four classes: Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers. has stated that there won’t be any submarines or torpedo boats. eventually plans to have up to 100 variants of these ships available to play — at launch, we can expect to see around 74. Players in the beta will have the chance to experience USA & Japan; after that, plans to add other nations that took part in the naval clashes of the 20th century. We can expect to see Britain, Germany, USSR, France and Italy.

So captains, it’s time to get your feet wet and embark in glorious naval combat!

Orion, Contributing Editor and self-proclaimed Field Correspondent. A lover of cats, buttons, and fresh bread, his opinions are his own.

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