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World Cosplay Summit 2016: Awards Summary

Another year of the World Cosplay Summit has come and gone this past weekend and, as expected, the performances and cosplays have gone above and beyond in craftsmanship and theatrical display.



This year’s event brought representatives from 30 countries around the world, with Canada and Sweden making the switch from observers to competitors. India and Switzerland also joined the roster for their first time competing.

Here is a summary of this year’s winners:

1st Place: Team Indonesia, Rian CYD/Frea Mai

2nd Place: Team Denmark, Shinji/TinYasuo

3rd Place: Team France, LucioleS/Lyel (Fenié Sophie)

And a notable mention for Best Costume (Brother Award):

Team Finland, Jesmo/Yumi Koyuki

A huge congratulations to all the teams in their success in making it to the competition and even more praise to all of this year’s winners.

J. Tanooki is a Contributor for She has been a lover of cosplay for over 10 years and regularly works on new and exciting cosplay projects. She actively posts about her cosplay plans, progress, and random shenanigans on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Her opinion is her own. 

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