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Who Will You Believe In The Church In The Darkness


Some people are tricked into joining a cult, but some others go willingly. Are they looking for acceptance? Are they looking for fortune? Maybe they are looking for eternal life.

Whatever the reason, it is now up to you to separate fact from fiction and be a true savior in Paranoid Productions’ new title, The Church in the Darkness.

Creators of such titles as The Suffering and State of Decay, Paranoid Productions are now bringing us brand new action/infiltration game The Church in the Darkness, which is loosely based on true cult movements of the 70s. They are also bringing some serious voice talent with Ellen McLain (GLaDOS of Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2), both voicing the cult leaders in the game. The couple will also be helping to compose music for the game.


Players will play a former law officer who is tasked with attempting to infiltrate “Freedom Town” and try to find your sister’s son, who has been taken into the cult.

One of the key features of The Church in the Darkness is that no two playthroughs will be the same, as the cult’s members, actions, and motivations are ever-changing. Players will have to investigate, interrogate, and ultimately decide who is innocent and who is guilty, while attempting to keep a low profile as a member of the cult.







The Church in the Darkness is still under development, but you can follow Paranoid Productions using @churchdarkness on Twitter and Facebook to receive all the updates on the games development. They are looking towards an early 2017 release for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

Dandr0id is a content writer for, producer for Level 1 Scrubs podcast and is an avid fan of pizza. His opinions are his own and is most certainly not part of any 70s based cult.

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