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Welkin Road: Parkour? Grappling Hooks? Could This Be Any More Me?

Alright, somebody somewhere’s been paying far too much attention to my Steam profile, and has custom-crafted a game that scratches allllllllllllll of my itches.


There’s three games I’ve been hooked on, lately. Distance, Dying Light, and Devil Daggers. New title Welkin Road combines elements from all three, and I have to admit, despite not having a name that starts with the letter D, I’m intrigued.

You use two grappling ‎hooks and parkour to navigate puzzling levels suspended high above the ground in a beautiful cloudy skyscape. An “intelligent checkpoint” system helps you navigate the levels without losing too much progress when you die, and the grappling mechanics will change as you progress through the levels, requiring you to constantly rethink how to move and progress.

Also, they have a time attack mode.

A time attack mode.

You might remember my thing about time attack modes.

Welkin Road is available as an Early Access game on Steam for $13.99 CDN, with a 10% discount until the 20th. ‎

My attempts to beat my Monolith time in Distance may just take a break for a while.


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