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Waddle Home – A Virtual Reality Experience

Alright guys, I can’t pass this one up. I nearly died upon seeing this. I want you to tell me honestly that, if you’re a VR enthusiast, you’ve never wanted to play an adorable penguin game. If your answer is, “No, Steve, I hate cute animals and I hate you”, then please read no further!

However, if your answer is, “For the sweet love of God, Steve, give me the sweet sweet Penguin chunks“, please, follow me!

So what is Waddle Home? And why is Steve so hyped about it? (Yes, I referred to myself in third person.)

So, Waddle Home is an interactive puzzle game made exclusively for virtual reality with Samsung Gear, PSVR and HTC Vive in mind. The developer has shared with us that the gameplay involves guiding charming penguins, or as I refer to them, “Handsome Gentlemen”.

The end goal? You’ve got to get them towards their spaceship using your magic VR skills by using blocks, tapping toggle areas, and rotating their frozen world.  The developer has shared this: “Players act as a benevolent alien, rescuing the lovable penguins, who’ve been captured by clumsy robotic guards”.

So in other words, you play the role of a Penguin God saving your loyal Handsome Gentlemen. Tell me right now that you don’t want to save your Handsome Gentlemen. TELL ME!

Sorry, back on track! The game will take full advantage of virtual reality. As we’ve been told by the developer, this will bring the player a more immersive experience and allow players “to escape to an enchanting frozen world, taking in a beautiful chilly arctic morning, a glowing sunset and a moonlit night surrounded by the northern lights”. (As shared by the developer)

Of course, what would a puzzle game be without all hell breaking loose? The puzzles of course will increase in difficulty over the course of 40 levels. Prepare yourself as robot guards, capture pads, and switch operated doors are introduced.

So if you’ve been waiting to be a God (or Goddess) of Handsome Gentlemen, this game might be worth checking out. You can grab Handsome Gentlemen aka Waddle Home on Steam and the Samsung store. No link for PSVR as of yet; sorry Penguin overlords.

Steve Noel is the deputy editor for AYBOnline.

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