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VR Invaders Brings Cyberpunk Shooting to the Oculus & Vive

The brightly coloured VR shooter lights up Steam.

VR Invaders combo.

It looks like fans of other VR shooters like Space Pirate Trainer may be able to get a new fix with the release of’s VR Invaders. Looking to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned HTC launch title with a similar blaster/shield system for some arcade style shooting in a virtual reality setting. Promising multiple blaster modes, bosses, and power-ups this looks to be an arcade shooter ready to give headset owners some spectacle. The cyberpunk stylings come with an equally punky sounding story where you play hacker Thomas Hall, a “Diver” who rescues users trapped in virtual reality. Things go wrong as they are wont to do and you must fight off hordes of virus driven VR drones.

Okay, that looks cool. The Unreal Engine 4 title looks flashy, the kind of flashy that’ll make you want to put on some RUSH and kick back with it for an afternoon. The promise of an “engaging” story and characters remains to be seen until I can get my hands on it but I was never one to turn down a shooter, especially one with cyberpunk trappings. You can find VR Invaders for sale on Steam right here.

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