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Viking Helmets Were Actually for Bike Riding

It’s often glossed over in history lessons that vikings invented the BMX and were skilled riders.

Odin’t you know that? It’s true. Thruer words were never spoken. I’m Nótt pulling your leg. If you don’t beLeif me, just check out Riders of Asgard, a historically accurate game about biking Vikings.

Surely, Thorough research was done in making this game. Developer Gobbo Games wasn’t just Lofn around. They were unBúri-ing facts oft forgotten. Hel, the bikes look authentic right down to the Týrs.

The game is currently in alpha and a demo is available on its website. It looks sort of like a side-scroller Tony Hawk, but it’s centred around doing tricks to fill your special bar, which allows you to perform moves that can take you to otherwise inaccessible areas. You collect items and earn gold in-game to unlock upgrades, as well. Currently there is only one special move — using your Viking shield to glide in the air — but there should be more to unlock in the final release. The final product is also supposed to have multiplayer support.

Gobbo Games recommends playing with a controller. I recommend changing the controls if you’re using a keyboard.

Sound and music is done by Kurt Muller.

I’m Fulla love for this game. Magni-ficent. Not Borr-ing at all (now I sound like Donald Trump making Viking puns). Anyhoo, I’ve had my fun. If you want to show this game some support, here’s its Greenlight page.

Mark McAvoy is a contributor for AYBOnline, his pun-game is strong enough to lift Mjölnir (though he himself may not be), and his opinions are his own.

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