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Touch. Explore. Survive. Ellipsis Comes to Android.

Enter a colourful world where you must guide your ship through ever-changing obstacles, using your speed, dexterity, and skill to survive and discover the mystery of the unknown.

Salmi Games is happy to announce that their award-winning minimalist action puzzler, Ellipsis, is now available on Android, complete with 130+ levels for you to conquer, featuring tactile feedback exclusive to Android. Ellipsis features unique gameplay, clean designs, and a gentle learning curve without loading the game with complicated text, making it easily accessible to a global audience.


You can pick up the game at the  Google Play store!

Kate Rhiannon is a Contributing Editor-at-Large and Graphics Artist for, and a producer for the Level 1 Scrubs podcast. Her opinions are her own. Feel free to follow her on Twitter and Facebook, where she posts updates about her creative projects!

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