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This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition Adds Free DLC

This War of Mine was released two years ago and received a lot of critical acclaim. To thank their fans for the incredible reception, 11 Bit Studios has released an Anniversary Edition of the game as free DLC.


This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition adds in more locations to search through, new characters to interact with and a whole new ending as well. Owners of the base game will be able to simply download this version of the game as an update.


This War of Mine is a survival game that allows players to control a group of survivors in a war-torn region. Players must make tough decisions regarding dividing supplies, assigning people to roles, and trying to avoid getting killed by the conflict happening around you.

What makes this game unique is its incredibly bleak tone and its ability to emotionally invest players through its intelligent use of game mechanics to anchor the player in the world. The conflict in This War of Mine is actually based on the Siege of Sarajevo that took place from 1992 to 1996 during the Bosnian War. The title goes out of its way to display the misery that war brings to civilians. This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition is available now on Steam and Games Republic with other platforms to follow.

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