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This Game is Going to Be A Riot! It’s Smash + Grab!


United Front Games are no strangers to story driven, third-person-based gaming action. Creating games such as The Triad Wars and Sleeping Dogs, they’re looking to carry on the tradition of open world chaos with their newest outing set in a corporate run dystopian future. Check out the new trailer for Smash + Grab.

Smash + Grab will have players taking control of a customizable gang member that is out to loot anything and everything from high end shopping districts in 3-vs-3 online matches. Players can not only loot, but they will also be able to attack each other with hand crafted melee weapons and firearms which will allow them to level up to gain access to new abilities and customization features for their character.





Smash + Grab will be hitting Early Access on Steam sometime next month, and it will include two multiplayer maps, two game modes, seven playable Leaders, 13 Lieutenants, 20 different stores and vending machines to smash, and 12 base weapons with 18 weapon modifications. You can visit their Steam page for more info here.

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