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There’s A Whole Lotta Heart In This Little Robot. It’s Heart & Slash

Robots are built with a purpose. Most of them do their job, day in and day out. They never question what they are or where they came from. But what if you were that robot? Would sit idly by and do your job? Or would try to break the chains of your digital oppression and add a little humanity to your protocols?


If you were a tenacious little robot named Heart, star of new indie title Heart & Slash, that’s exactly what you would do.

Heart & Slash is a roguelike third-person slasher brought to us by the awesome people at developer aheartfulofgames. The game puts players in control of Heart, whose quest is to escape an evil, all-seeing machine known as Quassy (Quality Assurance Systems).

Heart will have to venture through colourful, randomly-generated levels and fight the waves of evil robots that stand in the way of his freedom.


The best part is, no two playthroughs will be the same. When players eventually die, they will be re-animated as a different robot with a completely different body and set of skills and weapons.

Heart & Slash offers a persistent experience which allows players to slowly upgrade, choosing their parts and skills as they advance through the game. Ultimately, the game will be about adapting to your current situation, rather than mastering a single aspect.

The game will also offer access to over 75 weapons and 60 equipment pieces, so players can deck out their bots for the brutal battles that lie ahead.





Heart & Slash is currently in Early Access on Steam, but is expected to have a full release in Q2 of 2016.

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