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There Can Be Only One In The Culling


What do you get when you put sixteen contestants on an island paradise and a give them a whole lot of supplies and weapons with a twenty minute time limit? You’ll probably end up with one survivor. At least that’s the aim of the game in The Culling.

The Culling, from the new indie studio Xaviant, is a fresh take on the survival style first person shooter game. Fans of the Battle Royale movies will instantly connect with its no holds barred, survival of the fittest attitude and gruesome amounts of blood and violence. The Culling takes the survival genre that has become so popular over the past year with games like Rust and Ark, and turn it on its head with fast paced crafting and shooter mechanics.


Players will take control of one of sixteen completely customizable contestants and jump into the action to harvest and find any items they can to make traps or weapons to defend themselves. But with a time limit ticking away, they’ll have to work fast to find and dispatch any other player they can. Players will also have access to an in-game currency that they can use to call in air drops full of helpful items and deadly weapons to assist them in their fight for victory.





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The Culling is hitting Steam Early Access on March 8th and I will be sure to bring you my first impressions of the game when it releases.

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