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The Weekly Nerd Review – 03

*rubs hands together* Lets see what I have for you this week, my loyal readers. If you aren’t a loyal reader, you should be, cause then you can be called a loyal reader. That is a gift unto itself.

Lets hop into TV and Movie news, shall we?


This manages to reference superman (which no other TV show has been allowed to do), though I don’t believe they will ever have a “guest spot” or appearance from anyone actually playing Supes. However, I am optimistic given the trailer. It has some potential, and I have enjoyed the lead actress in some of her previous roles. I will give it the season, hopefully it wont murder my good intentions like Gotham did.


I hadn’t even heard that they were making a spin-off show from the movie, and the launch trailer has some scenes where it looks like Bradley Cooper is going to be guest starring in at least 2 episodes of the first season. The good news, it’s being launched on CBS. They don’t have a history of speed cancelling tv shows that don’t catch major ratings right away. Hopefully, they will be able to hold on to their spot.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:

They started the time travel lore in Flash, and now they are progressing this a little farther. The trailer shows Caity Lotz “Sarah Lance” coming out of the Lazarus pit, some shots of Hawk Girl, and a few others. Those of you who have been watching Arrow finally get the chance to see the writers change Ray Palmer into the Atom, (some shots of him actually shrinking in the trailer) instead of the originally scripted Blue Beetle. Lastly, they are setting a precident with the villian in my opinion. Vandal Savage has been name dropped in the above footage, which means they will forever have someone to chase, given the fact that Vandal is truly immortal.


TNT is still working on their Teen Titans series, advising that they are going to stay true to the original storyline of robin leaving batman to become nightwing after feeling betrayed. They are actively casting after they announced the characters to be included in the storyline but are not going to continue with the project until a cast is locked in. Steven R. McQueen has been lobbying TNT to play Nightwing in the series. McQueen previously played a support role on the CW’s Vampire Diaries, and has posted instagram and twitter pictures after leaving the show indicating he was doing some Nightwing Training.

Fox announced that they have hired a director to create a New Mutants spinoff of the X-Men storyline. They have hired Josh Boone to both direct and co-write with Knate Gwaltney. This gives them some leave to use some of the mutants they cast and used in the Days of Future Past storyline (Sunspot, Warpath, Blink). Though they have no date or timeline on when this movie will even begin casting or production given Boone’s current commitments.

Disney has announced the lead for their first Anthology film “Rogue One” will be Diego Luna. Diego has been in a number of different roles over the course of his career and I look forward to seeing what he will bring to this role. He will be acting alongside Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed and Ben Mendelsohn. Remember folks, this is a movie tied in between the Original and Prequel Trilogies, so while we already know the outcome, we now get to experience the journey, and that is all that matters.

NBC has cancelled Constantine, but there is buzz all over the web from tons of stars saying they will guest star on the show if it gets picked up by another network. Fans of the show are currently petitioning the CW to pull Constantine on to their already heavy superhero and super natural lineup. It could be interesting to see the show given some looser reigns like supernatural has recieved in past years. In my opinion, the show had potential but it was being pretty limited by the network.

Asa Butterfield looks to be the front runner to play Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel version of the film. Butterfield was one of 4 short listed actors that many thought were in contention for the role. I liked Butterfield in Enders Game. The movie was a little lacking but he played his role fairly well, though I have not seen any of his other work of late.

Alright, enough tv and movie stuff! Lets look around the internet for some cool things.

This dropped right after my last article was submitted to the page, and it’s something we need to talk about. Nintendo has worked out a deal with Universal Studios to bring an immersive all Nintendo attraction to all Universal Theme Parks. For the most part, I think it will fill the void that Marvel left after all the superheroes went to the disney parks. But can this help Universal gain some traction in that market? Only time will tell.

Now I know where all of the missing lego pieces go. They all get together to form something AMAZING. All Joking aside, this is an amazing piece of work. 10000 bricks strong, this Lego Millennium Falcon measures just under 4’x3′. It was built by Titans Creations for Star Wars day at Legoland Malaysia. Head down to thier facebook page (clicky their name) and check out the video they released of the build.

That’s all I have for you this week, we have been busy getting prepped for BaseLAN. If you are in Winnipeg this weekend, come on down to the Earl Grey Community Center and check us out! We will have a Demo Zone¬†featuring an Oculus Rift and some other cool things. Spectator passes are only $5

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