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The Weekly Nerd: Getting into Comics 101

Welcome back to the Weekly Nerd! As you can tell, here at AYBOline we are huge fans of comic book movies. Marvel and to a much lesser extent DC, have gone a long way towards helping comics become even more mainstream. Because of the success of Marvel’s films, we’ve been treated to heroes like Black Panther and eventually Captain Marvel in live action. If I could tell my 11-year-old self that I would get to see Black Panther in live action, I would not have believed it.

With the rise of comic book movies, I am finding that a lot of my friends are becoming more interested in the source material. I’ve helped a few of them become addicted  get into graphic novels so I figured I would share some of my tips here.


Know Your Hero

There is a massive number of comic book stories out there. It can be very overwhelming just deciding where to start. My advice for people in this is to start with what you know. Did you really like The Dark Knight? Do you favor 2010’s Kick Ass? Start with those! It is always easiest to start with a comic book or a series that you have some connection or familiarity with. A lot of the blockbuster Marvel and DC movies are based off comic book characters that have been around for decades, so there a lot of stories that you can find. This sounds very daunting and it certainly can be, but this also means your favorite hero likely has a wealth of stories that you can access. If you find a series that you have some connection with, that immediately makes it easier to get into. If you have not watched many of the comic book movies, you may have watched some of the TV shows as a kid. I would say choose one or two of these heroes you are somewhat familiar with and go from there.

Google is Your Friend

This part can be bit frustrating and a little time consuming, but it is definitely worth it if you want to get into comic books. I would definitely suggest looking up top 10 lists and top rated storylines of your chosen series. This will give you a chance to see some of the highest rated stories about your favorite characters. You may start to find that some of you favorite episodes of Justice League are based on popular stories from the very source material they were inspired by!

Buy in Bulk

This one is simple. Comics are pricey. Buying individual issues can get really expensive. If you are new to comics, buying individual issues is a great way to familiarize yourself with different writers and artists. But it is a little easier and more cost effective to buy trade paperbacks. This way, you can buy six to seven issues in one book. They also tend to have a bit more of a complete story arc, so you really get a sense of what kind of series you are about to get into.comics


Start With the Basics

Like I said, start with what you know. It goes without saying that Marvel and DC are the most popular choices. While they have big names such and Batman and Superman, you will find they are often teamed up with other characters in their team-up stories. You can easily get to know heroes and villains that are a little lesser known by reading Justice League or The Avengers.

Find a Local Comic Shop

This can be really helpful when it comes to getting into comics. While it is easy to order comics through Amazon or to download issues on a tablet, going into a comic shop has a very different dynamic. A lot the of these places have employees who really care about comics, so getting to know them and their interests can be a lot of fun. They can tell you about new comics that are coming out, update you on some of the current major storylines in Marvel and DC as well as recommend series that you may enjoy.galaxy comics

Branch Out a Little!

This is where finding a local comic book shop can be really helpful. The best part about going to an actual physical store is the fact that you can peruse their wares. I find it is a lot of fun to actually put time aside to go into a comic book store and take my time looking at the new comics I have not even heard of if the art catches my eye. Pick up a few random issues or trade paperbacks and see if you can find something new and exciting. You may randomly find your new favorite series. This can give you a chance to stray away from familiar Marvel and DC stories. Give something like Image Comics a try ort ake a look at some of Dark Horse’s offerings.saga-comic-book

Bring a Friend!

Getting into comic books is always way more fun with others. You can go with a friend who is familiar with the medium, so they can show you around and give you suggestions. Perhaps you would prefer to go with a friend who is less experienced and the two of you can learn together? Either way, the more the merrier!

These are just some basic tips to start getting into reading comics! At a later date, we can revisit this topic and talk a little bit about what stories are good places to start. Until next time!

Nedu is a writer at AYBOnline and has used excelsior in a sentence at least once. His views are his own.

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