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The Weekly Nerd 35 – OMG SPIDERMAN

HOT DAMN did that trailer hit the spot!! It was great, I loved it and you’re going to hear all of my thoughts…. after everything else. Stay tuned!
I have mentioned in past episodes that I am excited for the Flash/Supergirl crossover episode that is scheduled to happen later this season. There was a small Easter Egg in a past episode of The Flash when they were travelling to Earth 2 showing Supergirl in the “tunnel” that was created. I will assume that in his attempt to find Jay Garrick, Barry will attempt to travel to Earth 2 and end up in Supergirl’s Earth. The information released is that he will help Supergirl with a couple of villains, in exchange for her help (and I assume the DEO) in getting home. The Flash is currently one of my favorite shows on television and Supergirl has been getting better as the season progresses; so needless to say I’m excited.
News broke on Thursday about Daisy Ridley being considered for the role of Lara Croft in the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. The upcoming reboot is to be modeled from the current video game series. For those of you that might not be aware of the game, here is a quick shot of the game play.
I think that she can definitely pull off this role. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.
Ok, ok, ok, this is the last bit of news before I dive in to the Cap trailer. Amazon has ordered a pilot for a revival show on their Prime service. What show is that you ask? well, since you aked so nicely. It’s none other than…
The show is reportedly going to follow The Tick and Arthur (to be played by Griffin Newman) while they fight crime, and try to restore Tick’s memories. Patrick Warburton will NOT be returning as The Tick, but will be producing the series.
Alright folks, lets break this down. I know you love it, you know I love it, let’s nitpick, shall we? First, enjoy the wonder and glory one more time:
  • 0:42 – Here we have Black Panther/T’Challa in the hit that will bring him over to #TeamStark. It will be interesting to see how his transition into the light plays out.
  • 0:52 – The first Easter Egg!!! Could this underwater prison possibly be The Raft? How much did Tony work on this one?
  • 1:01 – You get to see how fast Panther really is. Outruns Cap and catches up to Bucky on a motor-cycle. That Heart-Shaped Herb really give him some crazy skills.
  • 1:11 – That glove though!
  • 1:42 – This scene has Cap and Bucky in it, yet there is another person in one of the Russion prison cages. Could that be Baron Zemo (to be played by Daniel Bruhl) ?
  • 1:52 – OMG YESSSSSS!!!
  • 1:52 – Crossbones sending Cap flyin!
  • 2:14 – Underroooos!!

So, given all of this awesome… How do you even begin to process? With help!! First, My impressions other than “OMG I LOVED IT!” are as follows: it was paced a little bit fast, but that was done intentionally. 2nd, other than showing Spidey (which, even though TWN and numerous other places have revealed that he will be in the movie, I understand that the general public didn’t know) they only showed the underwater prison. No real teasers or sneaks, nothing that we don’t already know. However, the things that we do know are shown so well! Recently, I lamented about the state of movie trailers and how they just seem to give away the farm. This is especially true for comic book / hero movies. This is a good example of restraint.

There is one thing that I think is being overlooked in the grand scheme of this trailer. While all the heroes are fighting among themselves, what is going on with Crossbones? In the comic universe, Crossbones is the sniper that KILLS Captain America. We obviously don’t know if Cap is going to die in this timeline or just bow out gracefully, but having a primary villain of that nature in the film leads me to think that the fight between the heroes is actually something that is going to happen around the end of Act 2, with the Crossbones fight to be the entirety of Act 3 and the climax of the film.
Now, to what everyone is crapping themselves over. Spidey! Here is the highest resolution image that I could find of the spidey suit (Click the pic to open it full size):
When I first saw it on the trailer I thought.. “Meh, I don’t reall know about that suit”, but the more I look at it, the more it is growing on me. The only thing I am not a fan of is how small the spider symbol is on his chest. The colors suit each other really well. The webbing, while muted, really fits in with the design. It almost looks like the webbing pattern is indented into the fabric, giving the pieces almost an armor-like appearance. This ties in directly through the arms and onto his boots. The small “utility belt” look on the his waist, I believe will be where he keeps some spare webbing cartridges.
Lastly, the eyes. Now, the way that his eyes look are a directly from the early Spider-Man animated TV series and that looks pretty amazing in my mind. But, something that a friend of mine pointed out (thanks Ryan!) is if you listen closely you can hear a shuttering sound as the eyes get smaller. Almost like they are focusing on something. Given this, I think that it is highly likely Spidey has already received his first upgrade toward the Iron Spider Suit. What’s the Iron Spider?!?!?!? I’ll show you.
What did you think about the awesome that was the Cap trailer? Did I miss anything? What are your thoughts about the potential significance of Crossbones in the movie?
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