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The Weekly Nerd 25

So this week… it’s all about that Star Wars HYYYYYPE. (Or at least mostly.)

I have now watched the trailer in the range of 10 times and every single time I watch it, I get chills. Now this isn’t unexpected, given the fact that I am slightly obsessed with Star Wars. The thing that may surprise you is that the chills are all triggered by different scenes in the movie. From the music to the imagery, even the pacing of this trailer looks amazing.

I also urge you all to watch John Boyega react to the trailer for the first time – it is awesome. It shows how much he has been looking forward to this.

They have given next to nothing away about the context of the movie or the story it will tell. This is part of what I love about the way they are developing the lead in to the relaunch of this franchise. And have no doubt: the is a relaunch, regardless of what people may say. Given how they are pushing so hard with the movies, streamlining the canon and developing the backstory (the comics, newly published books, and Star Wars Rebels), this is a way for Lucasfilm to delve deeper into the universe that has been held back for decades.

I’ll back away slowly from Star Wars after you look at these! Please, let us know in the comments what you think!

I made some comments in a previous episode about the billion dollar budget rumors that have been floating around for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War duology. Well, this week we received some information about another exorbitantly expensive superhero movie.


The upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has a current budget of $410 million. Now, this is something that I find scary. I know that the $1 billion budget for Avengers is huge, but Avengers is an established franchise and they are counting on all of the viewers that are coming to see the ending of the phase.

Now, the $410 million budget for a relative unknown is a HUGE threat to the movie producers. If this movie doesn’t do well, it might spell the end of this movie universe. They may still try their hand with a Batman film franchise if this doesn’t do well, but you may not see any of the other movies that haven’t hit production. If BvS flops, we will likely only see Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman since they are going to be nearly finished (or well into) post production at that time. My reasoning: the rumor is the Justice League duology is going to come in at a $1 billion price tag as well. To put the probably $2 billion into developing the characters for the Justice League movie, the question remains: will continuing down this road be worth the nearly $3 billion output? Only time will tell.


In some DC TV news, we have an episode number and name for the guest appearance of Matt Ryan’s Constantine on Arrow. It will air in 2 weeks for Episode 5 – the title will be “Haunted”. After bringing Sara back to life this week, I can only imagine that my original theory of using Constantine’s connections to magic to level off the bloodlust and rage that are caused by the Lazarus Pit. I am hoping the focus on Sara, but Thea will also need some assistance. I am quite interested to see how they will integrate Constantine into the story.


Moving on, with the official Back to the Future Day having passed this week, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this: Nike delivered the first powered self-lacing shoes to Michael J. Fox on Wednesday. It was only appropriate that he be the first person to have a pair.

What might surprise you, however, is that the limited run of Nike Mags will only be available via auction and all proceeds from the sale will go to Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. I like it. 🙂

I went to the Tubes and found Netflix’ official trailer for Jessica Jones. Oh. My. Dear. Lord. I think we have another winner, ladies and gents. Netflix + Superhero = Win.

Finally, in some sad news, Mythbusters have announced that they have one final season on air before it ends.

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