The Weekly Nerd 31 – 2016 At a Glance – Movies

Alrighty folks, Slave driver Jesse gave me Christmas off but the whips have come out and it’s time to look toward the things that I am excited for in 2016. This week, I look at movies. It’s another year of movies for all us comic book lovin’, nerd-gasming fanboys. There will be something for everyone this year.

Feb 12: Deadpool – The hype campaign for this movie has been nothing short of brilliant. SkullpoopL for the win! I will also say, that the current Deadpool as a Valentines Day movie thing that has been going around Reddit and other social media has been quite entertaining.

March 25th: Batman v Superman – I remain optimistic, only because I have to be. I have said this before, and I will say it again: if this movie flops like a humpback whale we won’t get a Justice League movie or any of the other ones that we may be looking forward to. I REALLY want to see a live action JL movie.

May 6th: Captain America: Civil War – Hnnnnnng. I will repeat with emphasis: HNNNNNNNNG. *catches breath*


May 27th: X-Men: Apocalypse – Ivan Ooze still reigns supreme! Barring that horrible costume, the trailer for this looks solid and I am excited to see them introduce some of the more established characters into the mix.

August 5th: Suicide Squad – I know that some people are afraid of this one as much as they are about BvS. The trailer looks so much better than the ones for BvS. I really like the cast, though I do wish that Tom Hardy stayed on as Rick Flag, but I am sure the Joel Kinnaman will do well.

October 7th: Gambit – This is tentative, since the movie isn’t set to start filming until March so I don’t know if they will have it ready for release by October. However, it is still on Fox’s release schedule which does not give me high hopes for the film. I expect it to get pushed back until Q1 2017.

November 4th: Doctor Strange – The initial pictures from Doctor strange look great, but I will wait until the trailer comes out before I increase my excitement levels. Entertainment Weekly  showed some exclusives just before the new year that I think you all need to see:

I am definitely looking forward to a few more films 0utside of the comic book / superhero genre genre, and I hope to do some in depth reviews of some of these films during the year, money permitting of course. I have listed them below in order of release, there are definitely going to be some months where my pocketbook is going to curse my movie addiction.

The 5th Wave: I’m intrigued by the premise, and I am excited to see Chloe Moretz in another role that appears to be more action oriented. Since Kickass (and to some extent Carrie) she has been relegated to the “girl next door” type. I think that she did a great job with the choreography as HitGirl and I want MORE!


Kung Fu Panda 3: Like I said when I showed the launch trailer…why am I so attached to this movie series? I don’t know. Possibly the power of fatness launching Po to his destiny.

The Jungle Book: The trailers have been really good for this, I saw the second trailer during one of my viewings of Star Wars (yes, ONE of them). I really like the way they have developed the CGI for this movie and I hope that it is as seamless as the trailer. When you watch the trailer, keep in mind that the only thing that is NOT CGI is the child. Is it really live action? Discuss.

Ratchet and Clank: I don’t know whether to be excited, afraid, or confused. Soooooooo why not all three?

Alice Through the Looking Glass: I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie in the series, I am definitely looking forward to the second.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: I will fully agree that the initial reboot had it’s issues. However, I loved the nostalgia and the way they told the story. Sure, it was flawed but were the turtles ever really perfect? No, no they weren’t. That being said, the trailer for this film addresses some complaints of the first film. Seeing Shredders face being one of them. Bebop and Rocksteady look badass. Count me in.

Now You See Me 2: Sadness reigns over the fact that Isla Fisher will not be in this film, though I do definitely have high hopes for the sequel. The shot of Daniel Radcliffe in the trailer was hilarious and given that both Ruffalo and Freeman are returning, I am optimistic that they will continue along the same storyline.


Warcraft: I covered the trailer when it launched during Blizzcon, and my excitement really hasn’t decreased. It looks great, and while I haven’t played the game in quite some time I love the lore within that universe. Whether you are Alliance aligned or scream “For the Horde”, I think this one will have something for you.

Independence Day: Resurgence: Both Matty K and myself have covered this one, I think enough has been said. FLY SPACE PLANES AND WIN THE DAY!

Star Trek Beyond: Beastie Boys in space? Check. Jumping motorcycles through explosions? Check. This new franchise is definitely not the old school Star Trek. I think that while the hardcore Trek fans might not like it, this opens the franchise to NEW fans.

Underworld: Next Generation: I’m a lover of vampire films that don’t suck (huehuehuehue). In all honesty, I’ve enjoyed this franchise since the outset and I am anticipating this to be a solid contribution to the franchise. I think that this will probably be Kate Beckinsale’s last one, so it should be good.

*Editor’s Note: How is this series not direct to VOD after the egregiously boring Underworld: Awakening? Kate Beckinsale’s ass can’t have that much power over us.

Rogue One: Star Wars, told from a different perspective. Very little is confirmed about this film currently, and you have my solemn vow that I will share it with you as it is released. What we do know is that the film will take place in the Original Trilogy era, the first estimates indicate that it is before Episode IV.


Assassin’s Creed: Say what you will about this game franchise, the story and universe they have created is stellar. There have been some photos that have been released from on set and I like it. Fassbender performed really well in 300 as Stelios so I have no doubt that he will be able to pull off the choreography for this role.

7 Movies out this year and my excitement ranges from hopefully optimistic to raging semi. What am I most excited for? Deadpool, Captain America, and Suicide Squad. That’s a lot of money at the movies folks and these are just the ones I am counting on or waiting for, let alone the ones I am on the fence about. What are your thoughts? Did I miss any? What are you looking forward to?

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