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The Weekly Nerd 09

Be prepared to be inundated with Comic book goodness! It’s Friday!!!

The only trailer I saw this week that popped out to me was the new trailer for Hitman: Agent 47. This trailer gives us a little bit more insight into the story for the movie. It looks very “gamey” from the trailer, lots of different things like bullet-time esque vision and really impossible maneuvers. I think it will be a fun piece to watch, though I doubt it will really be a big hit in the theater.

We have had some big reveals in the comic book world this week, I’m going to attempt to cover most of them.

Marvel has announced that Miles Morales has been given a new ongoing Spider-Man series. This is a change following the secret wars / Battle World convergence. Marvel is using this to relaunch and revamp a number of different Comic series. Don’t fret Peter Parker fans! The Previous web slinger will still be around, mentoring Miles through the perils of being the webhead. Spidey fans will be getting a double dose of Miles’ talents as he will co-star in a brand new Avengers series to be launched in the fall as well.

What’s different you ask? Well, all that remains of the classic membership is Tony Stark as Iron Man and the android Vision, as well as Sam Wilson as Captain America (Wilson was an Avenger back when he was the Falcon). They are joined by Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Miles Morales as Spidey, Jane Foster as Thor, and the newest Nova, Sam Alexander.

For the first time in 20 years Doctor Strange will be getting a newly imagined story in an ongoing comic series! He has been one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe, specifically because his powers and drive are so different in comparison to the rest of the world. We all know that I am weird though.


Last in Marvel news, they are going forward with a new series to be continued from the secret wars arc. This series is called A-Force and will be an All FEMALE group of heroes.This is an Avengers themed group. Their members include: She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Medusa, Dazzler, and Nico Minoru.


Up next.. DC Comics have launched the costumes for their fall super hero lineup. Not a lot of details have been released but we know a few things.

Superman is going to be toned down a bit. Over the last few years in the comics, TV shows, and Movies, Supes has essentially been turned into a Deity. It looks as if DC is going to try and humanize superman a little bit, which is good. He will be less powerful, his identity will be exposed, and his costume is changing significantly.

Batman: well… the NEW Batman, is very different. Bruce Wayne is dead (see: Batman: Endgame), and his loss has created a void. This void is to be filled by a power suit wearing Jim Gordon.

Wonder Woman: Of all of the changes, I like hers the most. She appears a tiny bit more armored and they actually gave her pants! The one thing I don’t like is the wrist blades, I don’t know why those are there at all.

Aquaman: They have developed this edition of Arthur to look somewhat like the upcoming cinematic version. That package though.

Flash: Flash has not changed very much from his new52 look. They made the red darker and removed the white background from his chest logo. He looks a lot like the flash from the TV show to be honest (Which you should watch if you don’t).

Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom): This is again, a simple change back to a classic look. Very inspired from the TV show as well.

Green Arrow: Gone is the armor plating and black coloring from the New52 costume. We have returned to a more lean and classic look.

Lex Luthor: This is a big change from his previous look, but given the way they are reportedly changing Superman, it makes sense. Though, the cyberpunk thing kinda doesn’t do it for me. I am a fan of the muted purple and green though.

Cyborg: They turned him into a Terminator. ‘Nuff Said.

Last, and least (Unfortunately) is Green Lantern. Now, I am not fully up to date on the GL story line, But I do know that Hal’s powers are now going to be coming from a Power Gauntlet instead of a ring, this due to his no longer being a part of the Corps. With this in mind, I understand the need for a costume change, but this just doesn’t seem right.


In Casting News… We FINALLY have a Spider-Man! Tom Holland has been cast as the webhead. Tom has not had a ton of roles and is a relative unknown. He has played in a couple of smaller films and an English TV miniseries, as well as a run on stage as Billy Elliot.


Casting Rumors:

I previously reported on a rumor that Chris Pine was in talks to play Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. I am glad to say that these rumors were false. Though the rumors of Pine working with DC continue to swirl following some reports that the next Green Lantern movie will be targeted toward BOTH Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. Tyrese Gibson was also reportedly in talks with DC and posted this photo on his instagram earlier this week.

gl omg

In some reveals this week, Marvel have announced some information for Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. First, Wasp will make an appearance during at least one scene in the Any man movie. We do not know if it will be Janet Van Dyne (her human Alter-Ego) or Wasp herself in the film. Second: Tom Holland’s Spider Man WILL make an appearance in Captain America Civil War.

Lastly, I want to talk about a tabletop deck builder that I was recently introduced to. Now, this isn’t a new game by any means but I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this with my friends. Allow me to introduce you to the DC Deck-Building Game. In this game you face off against other heroes to see who can defeat the most super villains, all while trying to garner as many points as possible. Each Superhero has different abilities and allows players to build their decks in ways that suit them. Good for 2-5 people, I think it’s awesome. You can buy it on amazon or any number of game shops here in town. 🙂

DC deck

My review for Sense8 will be up this weekend, I realize that it is too large an undertaking to include inside these articles. Once the fall season begins, I will attempt to do weekly reviews of a few shows.

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