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The Weekly Nerd 07

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First up Movies.

The Martian.

This is the only trailer I saw this week that made me think… This one makes the list. While it seems that the majority of the movie will be centered arount Matt Damon, the remaining cast is really great. Of course, “In your face Neil Armstrong” made me giggle a bit. I think this will be pretty good. The movie opens the first weekend of october and there isn’t anything around it that will be likely to contend.

Movie News

It was previously released that J.J. Abrams was shooting Star Wars: The Force Awakens on 35MM film, rather than the popular choice of shooting in digital. Earlier this week Rian Johnson, who will be helming Episode VIII announced that they would also be shooting in 35mm. Curious that in this age where digital is the common and often easier choice to make,(colour changes, dailies and a lot of other on set functions become faster and often easier with digital) that a major production like Star Wars would be shooting almost exclusively on film.

Brian Singer posted a photo from on set of X-Men Apocalypse earlier this week, showing what it takes to make one of those sweet
Quicksilver slow motion scenes (like that awesome kitchen run in Days of Future Past). This finally confirms that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver will be in the next film, though we don’t know how big of a role he will play along side the previously announced cast.


In Casting news, Chiwetl Ejiofor (12 Years a slave) has been cast as Baron Mordo in the upcoming Doctor Strange. He will play the villian opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, who is playing the protagonist in this piece. The film version of Mordo is expected to be an amalgamation of multiple enemies from the storyline. I’m not sure I really like that. Mordo has more than enough depth to be the primary focus in a one shot film. I’m curious to see how it will come about. For those of you who don’t know Doctor Strange, I highly reccommend watching the animated movie available on Netflix.


There were a couple of bits of information both officially released and leaked this week about season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil. First, it was leaked late last week that Jason Statham was in deep negotiations with Marvel to play Bullseye on the series. This was met with roars of happiness as fans rejoiced in the choice for the casting. I could personally see Statham doing well in the gritty, darker world that is being developed for this show. Alas, we were denied this. The day after the leak occurred, a statement was released that they were no longer in talks and Statham would not play a role. Bloody Disgusting reported as follows “He was legitimately in heavy negotiations for the role and the leak killed it. Perhaps his agent saw the positive uproar and instantly upped the actor’s asking fee? Perhaps the studio spotted the same excited reaction and preemptively killed the deal out of fear of Statham’s management going for more money? Who knows.” I hope that this isn’t the case, because I would have loved to see him in the role. Marvel has already moved on to other potential candidates, I am sure.

And while we don’t have a Bullseye, we DO have a Punisher. Jon Bernthal (Fury), has been cast in the role for the show. In the show, Punisher will be a new vigilante that is attempting to clean up Hells Kitchen by any means necessary. That sounds like our boy. Good Luck to Bernthal in this role, while we understand that the movies were really not developed well, Punisher has been a role that needed something more in every live action incarnation that we have seen. Hopefully the show runners of Daredevil and Bernthal will be that something.


Series Review:

I have started to watch Sense8 on Netflix. I’ll be watching one to two episodes a week and doing a breakdown of the show. This show is starting off complicated, so I think it’s only going to get tangled up from there. I’d Like my readers to watch along with me and we can have some discussions about the show as we are working our way through the plot.

Watch the first episode for next week, and check back here for my breakdown. For those that are curious, Sense8 is a show about people from all over the world that become mentally linked. The trailer shows some promise:

It is with a sad heart that the world says goodbye to Christopher Lee. Lee was not only a great actor, but he was also a humanitarian. He was Knighted in 2009 for his work in service to drama and charity. He was also not afraid to expand his range. After he turned 91, Lee released a music album. Not just any type of music though, he released a METAL album. While Lee was constantly in demand to play villians, due to his features and deep resonating voice, it was something that he didn’t really like. The villainous characters allowed him more range as an actor, but he (like most people) would have enjoyed playing the “good guy” a little more often.

RIP Sir Christopher, your talent and presence will be missed by all.

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