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The Weekly Nerd 05

Hello Internet! It’s Friday May 29th, and as it is Friday, I am obliged to pour my internetting all over you. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Point Break.

This is a remake that I didn’t even know was happening. Based on the trailer, it actually looks good. But if it doesn’t have that epic scene, I’ll be sad. As a follow up, there was a featurette released by the production company showing some of the stunts and feedback from the cast and crew on the film. This shows some of the crazy levels they took this new version to:

I personally didn’t see any other trailers that stuck out in my head, so I am going to move right on to news-type information.

Raise your hands if you have watched the Dragon Ball Z series at some point in your life. Now, raise your other hand if you enjoyed the series. Good. Now ball them into fists and power up, I’ll let you know why at the end of the column.

The trailer for the new CBS show Supergirl isn’t the only thing that is online. Last week, the pilot leaked, surprisingly akin to the way “The Flash” pilot also leaked. A fully completed, produced, and edited version of the episode has made it’s way to thousands of interested consumers out there. Did I download it? The fifth, I plead the fifth. Though I will say that I am looking forward to the series. At least for the first few weeks. :P. Did you watch it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is getting a reboot, confirmed this week. We know nothing of details other than John Davis (Chronicle; I, Robot) is on board to produce. For those that don’t remember, here is the original movie trailer.

Some spinoffs of the current Transformers Universe have been rumored and floating around the internet. First, a likely animated story titled “Transformers One” to tell the story of Cybertron in this universe. News of Transformers One was followed closely by some hints dropped at the Global Consumer Conference by Hasbro’s CEO indicating that Bumblebee may be getting his own movie or TV show. See the transcript here.

In Star Wars news, a photo was released of Andy Serkis in his Motion Capture gear. It was taken originally for the Vanity Fair article about Episode VII and has been released on in an interview with Annie Leibovitz about her experience shooting on set.

Here is the shot, Click the photo to read the interview:


From the Set of TMNT 2, we have some photos that have made their way to the world Wide Web of Bebop, Rocksteady and Shredder (minus mega robo armor). Other TMNT news includes the fact that Krang — the big brain alien warlord — will be one of the villains in the next series. I hope that they don’t rush the development of this too much. There are a lot of pieces that could be used from both the comic books and television shows for this content. Only time will tell, though.

In news from the Suicide Squad movie, some photos and videos of the Batmobile and Joker’s Lamborghini have made their way to the web. I do really like the way the Batmobile looks when it’s in motion. While I would love to share them here, I cannot. Click the link below to get the full listing of videos and pictures that have found their way to Instagram and Twitter.

Marvel’s mid-season show “Agent Carter” has been confirmed for a second season. The film-noir-styled series centering on Peggy Carter and her role in the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D had both good and bad moments in its first season, in my opinion. I personally hope that they continue to focus on her development as an agent and don’t try to delve into romance and other dramas. While we don’t have an air date for Season 2 yet, I can’t help but speculate the extended 10 episode season (up from 8 in S1) will air in the same place as last year during the Thanksgiving/Christmas break.

Reese Witherspoon has been attached to star and produce a live action take on Tinkerbell. It is being adapted in the style of Maleficent to tell Tink’s story in a different way. Who knows how much they may play with the narrative? I imagine they will keep it light, though this is Hollywood…

On to some more news that takes me back to my childhood. Lionsgate has confirmed a Power Rangers movie franchise and the apparent reason for delay on production is so that they can find space in the market to succeed at the box office. To put it in the words of the Lionsgate CEO “We’re picking a date where we think we can win”.This movie is targeted to be the start of a host of films, and given the ability to restart and recast individuals as they have done over the course of the television franchise, one can only imagine how far they will take it.

Ok… Have you finished powering up yet? Got them amazing static lines floating all over your body? Is the room being entirely lit up by nothing but your Ki? Sweet, Now I get to tell you about the Dragon Ball movie and TV show!

The movie, titled Resurrection of F has been given a North American release date. The movie will air in American theatres on August 4th. What’s better, the American release will be dubbed with the entire voice cast from the DBZ television series! I don’t know about you folks, but I originally watched this series in a dubbed format and I cannot get used to the original voice cast for this show. Something about the obscenely high pitched voices. Here is one of many trailers released online.

Finally, the next series “Dragon Ball Super” has been confirmed and will be released in July. Hopefully one of the simulcast services will pick it up here in North America. The series is said to bring back all of the original cast and is to take place after the Majin Buu story arc. Akira Toriyama will be overseeing the development of the series, so we won’t end up with something bastardized from his original vision *cough* Dragon Ball GT *cough*. More news on this as I come across it.


That’s it for me this week. Is there something that you want me to dive into? Are there some aspects of today’s nerd culture that I am horridly forgetting? Leave a comment and let me know, I’d be happy to read up on more things!

David Alberto is a Contributing Editor for You can often find him making people cry in Counter-Strike. Roll percentile dice to see if his opinions change, your chances are slim.

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