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The Ultimate 1-UP

Let the power of gamers unite!

Shawn “Pyro” Bernard from our AYB staff is going to be taking part in this weekend’s Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon – and your help is needed!

Extra Life 2015 is an amazing cause where gamers and people around the world dedicate 24 hours of their time to help raise money for their local Children’s Hospital Network.

All the money you guys help him raise will go directly to Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba where they will be allowed to allocate it as they see fit – it’s seriously that simple.

So head on over to his donation page below and hit that “Support Me” button as every cent counts. If you can’t donate, you can help by sharing this article to help spread the word. Anything helps.

Thank you to those who have donated already! Tune in on Saturday.

Donation page:
Twitch Stream (Live at 10am CST Saturday):

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