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The reSports Radio Show Comes To AYBOnline Monday, August 1st!

AYBOnline and reTouch Media are excited to announce that the reSports Radio Show will be moving to beginning Monday, August 1st.


“I am extremely excited for this opportunity with AYBOnline,” said Jonathan Villaverde, host of the reSports Radio Show. “They host the biggest eSports events in central Canada, so it was an obvious move to make to help continue the growth of the reSports Radio Show. I’ve been working closely with AYB for a while now from shoutcasting tournaments, to the Outplay Podcast, to the occasional article, and it’s awesome to be doing even more.”

“I loved my time at CKUW, and I have to thank them for the opportunity and for helping me start reSports — this move would not have been possible without their help, but I am looking forward to seeing where reSports can go in its new home,” said Villaverde.

“We’re honoured that reTouch Media chose us to be the new home for the reSports Radio Show,” said Jesse Mackenzie, Managing Editor for “Jon has provided peerless coverage of eSports on CKUW for many years, and has been an excellent and exciting commentator for us at our BaseLAN and Elite X events. His professionalism, energy, and in-depth experience will make the reSports Radio Show a must-see part of AYBtv’s programming.”

Check out for the reSports Radio Show every Monday starting Monday, August 1st — and follow the AYBOnline Facebook page to be notified of special previews via Facebook Live!

About the reSports Radio Show:

The reSports Radio Show started in 2015 on CKUW by reTouch Media and hosted by Jonathan Villaverde. The weekly show discusses both local and international eSports and competitive gaming news. The show covers anything from League of Legends to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, from StarCraft to Smash Bros, and much more. More information on reSports can be found on reTouch Media’s website (, as well as on Facebook (, and on Twitter (@reSports).

At the CKUW 10th Annual Award Ceremony, the reSports Radio Show won the People’s Choice award for Favourite Spoken-Word Show.

About AYBOnline:

AYBOnline began as a small internet café in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 2001. To accommodate the demands of the professional gaming community, AYBOnline started hosting public LAN parties. By 2003, these events were being held three times a year in conjunction with board gaming, Warhammer, and Japanese animé. Eventually, AYBOnline directed its focus to competitive gaming and started to host the largest computer gaming tournaments in central Canada and the northern United States; these events have become known as BaseLAN.

This year, AYBOnline will host BaseLAN 30 at the C4 Comic-Con, with hundreds of gamers competing and tens of thousands of attendees watching the action and trying out VR in the BaseLAN Demo Zone.

For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Villaverde

Jesse Mackenzie

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