The Next World: Launching on Steam March 7th

Do you like The Banner Saga? Do you like Sci-Fi? Then you are in a for a treat with Illuminated Games’ latest title, The New World.


Your goal: keep as many colonists alive as possible after crash landing on an alien world. But doing that may not be easy, as you’ll be faced with many tough decisions that can and will determine the fate of your colonists. You’ll be building structures, and collecting salvage to help claim a stake for the last branch of humanity. Illuminated Games says you’ll need to manage your supplies carefully or you may end up with 758 “spaced” colonists. So plan wisely.

Written by Ryan A. Span (FRONTIERS, Mount and Blade, Euclidean) you’ll be exploring a story of survival, desperation and intrigue while you build relationships with the characters and help them interact with one another.

Here is a trailer to get you excited for overcoming the struggle for survival.

The Next World is be launching today, March 7th, on Steam and will playable on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Quinn Smith is a Contributor for AYBOnline. When he isn’t off floating in space, he’s managing what he’s got . His opinions are his own.

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