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The Mighty Ship AYBOnline Sets Sail For PAX!

Good news, everyone! This week I don’t have to pretend I’m not just cribbing my opinions from Jim F***ing Sterling Son and the Co-Optional podcast! Hurray!

(Not that that actually happens. I mean, never. If I could, though, please tell me. Because if I can get away with that, damn, son. Damn.)

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We’ve got AYB’s finest en route to Seattle for PAX Prime 2015: The Primest One. Jake Carewick, Orion, and Kate Rhiannon are off to talk to indie game studios, play demos, put on VR headsets, and come back to Winnipeg bearing goods and many a tale from that strange land.

I’ll be subbing in to help host the podcast Thursday (you’ll actually get to see my face!) (god, those subscriber numbers are going to drop so hard), as well as host the usual Saturday night stream.

While I’m doing that, Jake, Orion, and Kate will be working hard to bring you the following:

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So turn on, tune in, and drop out feel free to authentically engage with us as we bring you the latest news about things you love!

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