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The Machines Continue Their Assault On The PS4 In Hard Reset: Redux

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The future is bleak. Most of the Earth is a wasteland, the dwindling population now lives in one mega-city known as Bezoar, and the machines are closing in. As a CLN soldier, you are all that stands in the way of the machine hive-mind and total extinction. Welcome to the world of Hard Reset: Redux.

Hard Reset has had a cult following on PC for a few years now, but is taking on new life and energy with the Redux edition on PS4.  This gritty cyberpunk FPS is set in a future where machines have hunted most of humanity to extinction and is now knocking on their door. Players will take control of a CLN soldier and an impressively large arsenal to fight back the mechanical horde in an attempt to save all of mankind.

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With this being the Redux edition, Flying Wild Hog has gone all out and retooled a lot of the game to offer a more intense and balanced experience. Enemies and levels have been reworked to improve graphics and gameplay throughout the game. Players will also have access to a new dash ability and a brand new weapon called the cyber katana.


There is no official release date for Hard Reset: Redux yet, but players can go get a taste on PC through Steam with a free demo and we will be sure to keep you posted when it drops.

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