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The Kindred Hits Steam Early Access

The Kindred is available now on Early Access on Steam.


You may be asking yourself exactly what is The Kindred? Well, it’s a creative sandbox game set in a vibrant voxel world. It’s a completely open and shapable world. build houses, expand lakes.

You start the game with a few Kin, the little voxel characters you control, with just the shirts on their backs. Each Kin has a set of skills to compliment each other in your trek to build a thriving world on your own terms.

Create your own world or play with friends to develop a mega civilization. Learn how to provide consistent power to your Kin by developing wind turbine power grid. Hunt and herd local animals so that you can breed them and have yourself a  bit of cattle!

Check it out on Steam Early Access at just $14.99, plus a 10% launch discount!

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