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The Journey to MAGFest: Part 5

This is it. The last progress update before you finally get to see what this journey has been all about.

It’s been a heck of a ride and, for me, it’s not over yet. There’s still plenty to be done. But the next and final part of this series, you will get to see the finished product before I bring it across the border. I hope the TSA appreciates the note I’ll be leaving inside my luggage for them explaining what on earth they’re looking at if they decide to open it up.

So let’s make this a fully fleshed-out update from top to bottom, so you can see every piece that’s been built, explain what needs to be finished, and what’s still on the to-do list.
The Head: My wig is here and it is beautiful! The colour palette is better than I could have hoped with a brown, purple, and magenta ombre. When I ordered it, the wig itself was actually wavy on the bottom. But the fiber it’s made from can be heated on low settings with styling tools. My hair straightener made quick work of that and now, it’s much more accurate. I still need to do a bit of layering at the front, as well.

Unfortunately, with the thickness of the wig plus my own hair bundled up under it, the base for my helmet no longer fits. There can always be some trial and error when attempting to make things fitted and proportionate. This is why you test fit things before you commit to moving on to the next step. I also have a base mask that needs a lot of altering. I certainly could have made this mask, but for the $2 it cost and without having to fiddle with getting a nice fit, it just made more sense for me to purchase this and modify it to my needs.
The Torso: This portion is shaping up better than I could have hoped. The base suit is altered to completely unrecognizable proportions. The collar bone armour is shaped, detailed, and ready for painting. The bands on it that were leading up to my shoulders have been removed and need to be reattached at a slightly different angle. The chest armour requires only detailing and painting. The fit is absolutely perfect, a.k.a. the “girls” look outstanding. (Can I say that on here? I guess it’s my column, so I can say whatever I want.) 

The armour pieces on my back are complete and attached to the suit with liquid latex and Goop and the rib armour just needs to be painted before it can be attached using the same method. Even the tail is done! I’ve sewn a strap to my suit with a clip and in the handle of my tail is the other half of the clip. This will allow me to detach my tail and use it as a prop weapon or have it attached to me to complete the look of the suit. There’s still some armour for my hips that need to be built, but thankfully that can be done in a few hours thanks to the speediness of working with Worbla.
The Arms: I’ll be honest. This area really hasn’t been touched. But there also isn’t as much focus required. The forearm armour is built, but requires detailing and painting. The upper arms and shoulders have not been built, however this is due to the fact that the suit needed to be completed in order to assess the fit of the shoulder armour and the upper arms fit snugly into the contours of the shoulder. Occasionally, you have chain reactions like this and you need to wait to finish one thing before you can even start another because of the effect they have on the fit and finish.

I also have armour on my hands, but this was also intentionally delayed due to the quantity of Worbla BlackArts I had on hand and wanting to ensure that parts with more surface area were taking priority. It’s easy to make knuckle armour out of clippings from a breastplate, but not so much the other way around. This is why it’s always good to approach cosplay projects with a strategy before you even make your first cut.
The Legs: The entirety of my legs have been sitting stagnant for a few weeks now. My base boots are completed and are ready for a coat of paint. The calf armour has been completed for a while and is just awaiting paint, as well. The thigh armour, as you’ve seen from before, needs a few minor details added and some painting.

This cosplay is really on the home stretch here. It’s mostly all the little details and painting that need to be completed. All of that will be relatively quick because the painting is done using spray paint and detailing is a bit of heat and tool work and some penned markings. Next week, you’ll finally get to see the big reveal and see everything come together with a comparison to the original inspiration. I’m so excited to share it with you and the folks at MAGFest.

Until next week, I’ll head back into my hole that is the Tanooki Den and hibernate there until it’s ready.

J. Tanooki is a Contributor for She has been a lover of cosplay for over 10 years and regularly works on new and exciting cosplay projects. She actively posts about her cosplay plans, progress, and random shenanigans on her Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Her opinion is her own.

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