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The Hitchhikers Guide to Pokemon Go: Episode 2

Hello! Welcome back to the second weekly Hitchhikers report on Pokemon Go from yours truly! And with that out of the way; on to all the fun things!

Catch ’em All

We’re going to start this week off with a little global news and for good reason. Buzzfeed was fortunate enough to interview a gentleman by the name of Nick Johnson, who hails from Brooklyn, NY. What’s so special about Mr. Johnson? Well, he’s the first person to collect every Pokemon available in Pokemon Go. That’s right: he has every single Pokemon that you can catch in North America currently. If you want to find out exactly how he managed to do it all, head over here. Oh, and if you’re wondering what team he’s on, it’s Valor*, which makes sense. All I can say is, holy crap man, great job!

daftmankeyMeet ‘n Greet

This week on Meet ‘n Greet, I wanna do a major shout out to all the people that I’ve met. Reason? It may come as no shock that a gamer like myself is an introverted shut-in. Which is why Pokemon Go is so fantastic. It’s gotten me out of the house, conversing with random people on the street to talk about, and helping people get better at the game we’re all playing. I’ve gone out and started community events, trying to get people to hang out and see each other face to face, rather than across screens or VOIP services. I’m losing that part of me that hated being outdoors, and now I look forward to the next time that I’ll be out playing and hanging with friends. Heck, I went out in the rain storm that Winnipeg went through on Thursday just to take the gym across the street from me!

The goggles were so that I could see. Glasses suck yo
The goggles were so that I could see. Glasses suck yo. Community Photo Credit Arvin D. Villagomez AKA djBin

Professor’s Notes

This week, we’re talking player safety, and in particular, vehicle safety. It should come as no surprise that texting and driving is horrendously distracting (I witnessed a driver run into someone else driving Friday morning, all because she was texting and driving). It should also come as no surprise that playing Pokemon Go and driving at the same time poses those exact same issues and distractions. So in short, please refrain from driving and playing the game at all costs. What you CAN do instead, is get a friend (or a few friends) and go for a drive, and have whoever is sitting shotgun play for you. Or you can sit shotgun, and have someone else drive you around! You’ll have a lot more fun, and have more stories to tell your other friends who don’t play Pokemon Go, just how good it is!

As a pedestrian, the game already prompts you with a notice to tell you to take note of your surroundings when you load it up. So please take a look up from your phone if you are at an intersection or crosswalk, and make sure the coast is clear before crossing. Again, we don’t want there to be stories of people getting hurt, because it hurts everyone in the community.

And with that, we’ll wrap it up for this week. Stay tuned for next week’s article, and if you see me out looking for things, holler at me, I’d love to chat!

*Editor’s Note: WORST TEAM. MYSTIC 4 LIFE.

Quinn Smith is a Contributor for AYBOnline. When he isn’t hunting down Magenmite, he’s thinking about where to search next. His Opinions are his own.

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