The Flame in the Flood Washes Ashore

Raft, hunt, gather, and explore through an incredible procedural-generated river journey through the backwaters of post-societal America; a true test of wit and survival waits in The Flame in the Flood. Float on and read more!



The Flame in the Flood developed by The Molasses Flood (AAA Studio veterans) brings survival to another level. Not only do the predators seek their next meal, but the elements can take it’s toll. Craft clothing to best the cold, trap animals to keep fed and make upgrades your raft to push on through an evolving river. The unique and beautiful art style is all tied together with an original soundtrack composed by Chuck Ragan, and with the support of gamers from around the world comes to life through Kickstarter and Early Access.

The Flame in the Flood ($19.99 USD) is available now for Windows, Mac OSX, and Xbox One.

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