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The Cast Of Batman: Arkham Knight Is Very Impressive

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady Studios is gearing up for the release of Batman: Arkham Knight. I’m not really sure they need to build on the hype much more, but damn I didn’t realize who was playing the characters.

Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy. For those that don’t know, he’s only been the voice of Batman since 1992, starting in the animated series, and never really stopped.

Batman: Arkham Knight
I’m Batman!

Commissioner Gordon will be familiar to many of you. He is voiced by Jonathan Banks. But you probably remember his as Mike Ehrmantraut of Breaking Bad fame.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Commissioner Gordon

The voice of Scarecrow is also a familiar face. Especially if you’re into Sci-Fi. John Noble, who played Walter Bishop on Fox’s hit series Fringe, sounds like a good fit for the character. He’s certainly excited to be involved.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Barbra Gordon / Oracle is voiced by Ashley Greene of the Twilight series. Rocksteady also confirmed today that Barbara Gordon is also Batgirl in the upcoming DLC package.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Barbra Gordon/The Oracle

Tara Strong is the voice of Harley Quinn. She’s been doing voice acting for some time now. She’s also Li Mei in Mortal Kombat X

Batman: Arkham Knight
Harley Quinn

Two Face is played by Troy Baker. You may not recognize the name, and you likely don’t know his face, but I’m willing to bet you’ve heard his voice.  Marvel Avengers Assemble animated series, Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 4, Wildstar, Titanfall. The list goes on.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Two Face

Nolan North is playing The Penguin. Yeah that’s right, Nathan Drake is The Penguin!

Batman: Arkham Knight
The Penguin

The Joker is played by Wally Wingert, who also played the Riddler in Arkham City. His voice acting credits include 5 years of Family Guy doing various voices, and a number of games over the years.

Batman: Arkham Knight
The Riddler


It’s nice to see games incorporating serious actors to do the voices. As gaming becomes a bigger and bigger market, I think we’ll see more an more of this in future games. This isn’t the first time famous actors have been used to voice game characters, but this may be one of the first times a game is marketed for those merits. I think with a cast like this, they might be on to something.

Batman: Arkham Night comes on June 23 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Will you be picking this one up? Make sure your PC can handle it if you do.




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