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The Biggest News Announced At The PS5 Reveal

The Playstation 5 reveal has delivered gaming enthusiasts a whole lot of action, excitement, and titles for this holiday season. We have a brief recap of all the major announcement that came from the reveal event

The show started off with the announcement of GTA V newly expanded, and enhanced versions of GTA V is coming to the next generation of consoles in the second half of 2021.

This was followed up by the first look at Marvel Games’ Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Officially a launch title for the PS5 as it’s slated to release Holiday 2020, players will get to experience the Spider-Man story through Miles Morales – and let me say this trailer’s music slaps.

One title that caught my attention in this showcase was Kena: Bridge of Spirts. In brief, you will play in a corrupted world where a determined spirit will guide you. Kena: Bridge of Spirts is slated as well for Holiday 2020.

It will be launching on PS5, PS4, and the Epic Games store for PC users!

Lastly from the indie side of things, a game that truly kept me captivated was Little Devil Inside. The trailer was truly phenomenal with its delivery of visual storytelling. I could have been convinced this was a trailer for an upcoming movie, but alas it’s coming out as this interesting game.

But what is a PS launch without AAA title announcements? Of course, the one that truly blew us all away was the Demon’s Souls remake trailer. I’ll just let it do the talking for itself. This looks truly incredible in this remade glory, and I cannot wait to endure this once more. Yes, endure. You read that right.

Lastly, we got confirmation of the much-anticipated sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn. Aloy’s journey will continue in the Forbidden West.

We’re teased with a new world on the brink of collapse, new enemies, and environmental ruin. Like fans of the previous game, I look forward to seeing what’s in store!

While the showcase may be over, we are looking forward to further PS5 news in the weeks and months to come leading up to the Holiday 2020 launch.

Which game from the showcase has you most excited for next-gen PS system?

Steve Orillion is a contributing editor for He follows the happenings in the Esports and Tech world.

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