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The Bigger They Are… The Surge Introduces Mechs And Exo Suits

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For those of you that aren’t already drooling over this game, I’ll give a quick recap. The Surge is a brand new IP coming from Deck 13 (Lords of the Fallen) that’s set in a robot factory, in a dark dystopian future . You, as a new CREO employee, must use your industrial grade exo-suit to assist with various jobs around the plant until something goes horribly wrong with the security and robots in your sector. You will have to learn to fight and upgrade your exo-suit for survival, or be thrown to the scrap heap for good.


The new screens show off a small taste of the new forces that you will have to fight in The Surge. The developer says that security forces will use the same exo-suit technology as you, but of course they are equipped with tools for combat which means you will have to be smart when attacking. The other screen shows that you will not only be picking on people your own size, but also towering mechs that are armed to the teeth for death and destruction. Luckily with the fast, visceral combat of the game, you will have the ability to target limbs and vulnerable points to take your enemies down in the most stylish and brutal ways possible.

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The Surge is set to do some damage early next year so stay tuned.

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