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That’s not where I put my Toaster! — A tale of New Release #26


Firstly my toaster is missing, it’s a crisis over here since, as you may all know, I am the biggest waffle enthusiast this side of the equator. Anyways you’re here to hear about what’s fresh, popping and potentially worth your cold hard cash. And that’s why I’m here, for the 26th time in my life, telling you what to do with your life. So without further ado, here are this week’s new releases.

I decided to start with a filthy one, because, well, they don’t get enough attention. Written in the Sky is the latest in the visual novel/anime/sexventure genre, so if you have two hours to kill and you want to read about two girls who meet over a space ring and well, “Stuff” , as I’ll put it happens. Really no one is left surprised. Seemingly this genre has picked up a ton of traction in North America, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these type of “Visual Novels” in the near future as well.

Moving on,

We got shit so fresh I didn’t even hear about it, well I mean I did but I waited to tell you guys. If you guys love pugs as much as I do, this next one is for you. Turbo Pug is a lovely casual ‘runner’ style game with randomly generated levels. Basically you have to avoid obstacles, bad weather, and try not to get toasted by the lightning. You will unlock new costumes for your Turbo pug by winning levels, and you collect pug coins to get the high score to be a global leader. If that, or the literally infinite levels (yeah that’s right there is literally NO end to this wonderful train wreck), didn’t sell you, the music and the running across the obstacles pulls you in. If THAT wasn’t enough to convince you to spend a $1.09 I am not sure what will.

Lovely Weather We’re Having has to be one of the most beautifully done Indie games I’ve seen this year and a work of absolute genius. The game literally responds to your local weather and, oddly enough, simulates actually being outside. The game is smart with it’s pleasant sounds, colours, and visuals and was designed with the introvert in mind. It’s an open world game that lets you explore the outdoors with your cute dog and it’s seemingly endless fun. I would recommend checking this out, I’ll be hopping in this Cadillac for this week’s stream!

In closing, there was a ton of wonderful games that launched over the past week and, while being committed to Fallout, I’m really glad I had a chance to catch up on a few! Hope you have some time to check these out and enjoy! My toaster is still missing.

Steve Noel is a Senior Editor for, Team lead for Streaming & Video Content & Producer of the Level One Scrubs TalkShow.
When he’s not working behind the desk you’ll find him spending time with his cat “Jeff Bridges”

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