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Technomancer Has a New Gameplay Trailer & Release Date

There’s water on Mars, but not enough.

Scarcity breeds conflict, and that conflict has shaped the politics of the Red Planet.

That’s the backstory of The Technomancer, an upcoming title from the team at Spiders. You play as Zachariah, an elite fighter who can harness electricity — a Technomancer. You represent a powerful corporation warring for control of Mars’ most precious resource. And you, kid, are on the run from the Secret Police.

Like many modern action RPGs, players will be given plenty of customization, beginning with the character creation screen. Four skill trees are planned and three combat stances, on top of your technomancing abilities. Spiders says your choices will also have consequences, and you’ll make some friends and enemies along the way.

Boasting 40 hours of quests, The Technomancer appears to have fluid fighting and a variety of foes, ranging from humanoid to giant bio-engineered monstrosities.

Spiders seems to be building off a previous release: Mars: War Logs, which looks very similar in both gameplay and story. But hey, if it works it works, right?

The Technomancer is scheduled to drop on PS4, Xbox One, and PC  on June 21. Take a look at Spiders’ gorgeous imagining of the fourth planet in this new gameplay trailer:

Mark McAvoy is a Contributing Writer for AYB Online. His opinions are his own.

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