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Tasty New Title For TASTEE: Lethal Tactics

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Got a job to do? Looking to cause a little mayhem? Look no further than this insane group of mercenaries. If you’ve got the cash, they’ve got the person for the job, guaranteed. It’s the best of the best with the weirdest name. It’s TASTEE: Lethal Tactics.

Skybox Labs, makers of the Age of Empires series, brings players a new way to play a top-down tactical shooter. The game appears to combine the tactical game play of Doorkickers and the shooter action of Frozen Cortex, but with a great sense of style and humor piled on top. Players will venture into over 30 levels and ten multiplayer levels to hire the best team to finish the job.

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You’ll build a team from 12 unlockable mercenaries, like the professional Denton and the explosives expert Hindenburg. Depending on which mercenaries the players choose, they will have access to a wide variety of maneuvers, equipment, and tactics, such as flash bangs, stealth camo, and full-auto assault rifles to finish the job. Once assembled, they will need to plan out and execute their movements and attacks with deadly precision, or pay the ultimate price.

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So whether you’re ready for action, or planning for the long haul, TASTEE: Lethal Tactics is out right now in Early Access on Steam. Or you can wait for the full release when it drops on May 10th.

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