Take a Stroll with Grandma in Lieve Oma


Sometimes taking a break from outside our digital personas and characters, gets me thinking about my current perspective of who I was, who I am now and who I’m becoming; mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Reflecting back in what shaped me to be the person that I am, it wasn’t just the material goods, or experiences or milestones and it wasn’t just the choices I had made. For me personally, it was growing up with the people around me that nurtured who I am.


Whether it was a silly memory and a great time or even some of the worst experiences in my life, the friends and family around me were my strongest influence; and we all have that particular individual who was the greatest influence in how we see the world and its worth.

Florian Veltman brings us Lieve Oma; a short narrative game dedicated to that person in our lives, and is a celebration of Florian’s grandmother. The description of the game only made me reflect on the unconditional care and support my own grandmother gave to me; and how lucky I was to get it.


In Lieve Oma, you would be brought to a beautiful forest for a nice stroll with your grandmother to find some mushrooms. For me any time I had spent with my grandmother was story time; hearing things of her past and hearing how she dealt with similar issues to what even I had.  But it was also time for me to vent those issues out; time flies when someone is able to listen and hear your whole story. Lieve Oma seems to give off that experience just through the first few moments of dialog in the trailer alone. The scripting feels natural and almost how i or my siblings would talk.

The game seems to be simple and straight forward and it may not be for everyone; but to me it’s definitely an opportunity to reflect and chill out a bit, just like how I would with my grandma. You can pick mushrooms with grandma on April 5th 2016 for PC/MAC ($5.57CAD).

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