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SUPERHOT Gets Fired Up


Those of you who enjoyed The Matrix are in for a real treat.

SUPERHOT is a slow-motion FPS game where time only moves when you do. Now it’s bringing out the big guns in the form of a release date of February 25th.

The game owes its existence to a 7-day FPS jam but had funding secured via a Kickstarter campaign so if you’re looking to support some indie devs, this is a great place to start.

You’re tasked with emptying a room of bad guys with guns using only what’s in the room and by dodging bullets.I n short, it’s great fun!

If you’re at all curious about the game, I can’t recommend anything other than the demo. Having played it myself, I have to say that there’s little more satisfying than throwing a chair at someone, dodging several bullets while racing towards them and then shooting them with their own freshly dropped gun. Just keep in mind that there’s no healing from a bullet wound, so it pays to make your attitude towards bullets less Superman and more Neo.

Have a look at the trailer that just dropped if you need more convincing.

SUPERHOT releases February 25th on Windows, Mac and Linux, with an Xbox One release coming next month. If you’d like to try the demo you can do so here.

Gavin Bouchard is Twitch streamer and a Contributor for; you can find his Twitch here.

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