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Super Smash Kombat! The Battle For Toadstool Realm Rages Across Winnipeg This Weekend

The tournament scene has been spreading like wildfire here in Winnipeg as of late. The boys at Chip Damage and our friends over at PNP Games have some solid tournaments lined up over the next couple weeks that you won’t want to miss out on — starting with a double header this Sunday!

Back to Basics Smash Tournament: Presented and hosted by PNP Games. Stop by their Portage Avenue location for 11 am!

Later on in the evening you should head on down to Reset Interactive Ultralounge as Chip Damage and PNP Games come together to bring you the Mortal Kombat X Tournament @ Reset Interactive Ultralounge. Registration will start at 6:00pm, 7:00pm the battle for Earth will start! Cost to enter is $10 — note, however, that’s gonna get you a drink voucher too (18+).

Standard Chip Damage Double Elimination tournament rules apply. Feel free to ask the tournament directors if you have any questions.

Equipment will be supplied. However, bringing your own controllers/arcade sticks is still highly recommended.

Remember to always desync any previously used controllers before your match to prevent match disruptions. Ask the tournament directors if you aren’t sure how.

If you haven’t been to a tournament at Reset you are really missing out on a great experience! The team really puts together a great tournament all around the lounge and heck, if you get eliminated you still win, the food there is amazing! So really if you’re not going for some epic Kombat, you need to go for the food it’s out of this realm!

Here are some pics from the last event, when PNP hosted Super Smash WiiU with Reset; they had a turnout of 72 combatants! So expect this tournament to be just as big!

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