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Stylish Fights And Certain Death Await You In The Ever Changing Necropolis

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Enter a giant complex to delve for magic and treasures beyond your wildest dreams. The only problem is the complex has you in its ever shifting and changing maze now. You will need to battle your way through vicious beasts and puzzling catacombs. But will you be victorious? Or die trying to find the exit? Welcome to Necropolis.

Necropolis comes to us from Harebrained Schemes, makers of the popular ShadowRun games. Players will enter the Necropolis as a random adventurer, but when that adventurer dies, they will reenter as a completely new character similar to the hero system in Rogue Legacy. The games visuals feature a low poly, high color concept that looks absolutely gorgeous and really makes it stand out from the crowd of blocky or 2D rogue likes. Combat is based on timing and animation so players will need to stop and study their foes before striking.


The game will also have its fair share of upgrades and treasures to be found and used by your character. Players will find components to combine and improve your adventurer to take on tougher foes and venture deeper. Necropolis will also have a living ecology that will both help and hinder the player during their quest. Monsters have favorite foods, certain habits, and special weaknesses and it will be up to the players to exploit these to achieve victory.



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So sharpen your swords and get ready to venture into Necropolis when it releases March 17th for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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