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Stories: The Path of Destinies — From Montreal’s Spearhead Games

I personally love it when I get news that another Canadian developer is making something great. I love it more when the game pulls me in – and that’s exactly what Spearhead Games did with their new trailer for “Stories: The Path of Destinies”.

Stories: The Path of Destinies will be the latest to hit the action RPG genre. You play as Reynardo, a would-be sword wielding fox here who’s, well… gotten himself in a pinch of trouble. Reluctantly, he joins a losing battle against the mad emperor and he, in turn, becomes the rebellion’s last hope.

In stories, each choice you make counts and will take you into a unique narrative, from tongue-in-cheek takes on heroism to the dark tones. For example, would you retrieve an ancient weapon lost in time at the expense of a dear friend’s life? If that’s not dark, well damn, I don’t know what is.

The story will lead Reynardo across Boreas, a world full of floating islands, with locales ranging from desert ruins to ice-topped mountains – of course with the emperor’s troops trying to stop him at his every move.

This is one game to keep an eye out if you love action packed indie games! Come check out the latest trailer below and be sure to follow Spearhead Games below to keep tabs on the upcoming title!

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