Sponsor Spotlight: AYBO Chills Out with Deepcool

Kelvin M of All Your Base Online had the opportunity to chat with Olivia from Deepcool’s marketing team! Olivia gave us a little insight on Deepcool’s history, designs and specs for a few of their latest products, a tease of their newest project, and even touched a little on the mysterious green Deepcool mask and logo.


Kelvin: Can you tell us a little history about Deepcool? How long have been in the market and do you have a noteworthy member of the team you would like to mention?

Olivia:  Deepcool was founded with the mission of providing great performance and humanized thermal solutions for worldwide PC enthusiasts. Established in 1996, headquartered in Beijing, factory was established in Shen Zhen, Deepcool originally produced desktop, server coolers and cooling accessories. With the rapid development of personal computers, Deepcool expanded the business into AIO liquid cooling products, chassis, power supplies, etc. I have been working for Deepcool as a marketing specialist for 4 years, head of global marketing for now.

K: What are some of the products available now that are really exciting and new you would like to share with us?

Captain EX
Captain EX

O:   1. Captain EX series Liquid Coolers – it’s designed and manufactured by Deepcool, the water block design is a patent of Deepcool, it is quiet and has a very unique design with transparent water flow. The Captain EX series is also generally 1-2 degrees better than the original Captain series.

Genome PC cooling solution
  1. Genome PC cooling solution – it’s a combination of PC case and CPU liquid cooling, which offers consumers easy installation and makes building a water cooled PC easier for consumers.
  1. TF120 Case Fans – The R&D of it took almost 2 years, it’s the best and quietest case fan of Deepcool’s 20 years in the industry. TF120 features a unique patented 2-layer blade design to offer a powerful air pressure, the scientific channelized frame to reduce the noise created by the whirlpool of airflow, and a semi-hermetic Fluid Dynamic Bearing solution to power MTBF (mean time between failures) up to 100,000 hours.

K: What really sets Deepcool apart from the competition?

O:  Deepcool doesn’t see “competition” as a difficulty. We respect a lot of the brands and manufacturers throughout the world, as all of us are making PC building and PC gaming easier and better. We believe that only great quality, unique design and structure, patent technology and great performance can make Deepcool outstanding in the PC industry; and we’ve been working on these qualities. That’s why we don’t care much about competitors, as the only competitor is the “yesterday’s Deepcool”. We’d like to be better and better, compared to ourselves and offering great tech to PC consumers is our only goal.

K: How do you decide on the next project/product and for our readers who are interested in development; what inspires your designs and approach to some of the products you have on the market?

O: Firstly, our next project is always from the consumers’ requirement. Secondly, the product team will set a key concept with some primary features of a product, and we have our independent ID team for designs, they design the product. We do a lot of testing on samples before releasing it.

K: Deepcool has had some really interesting designs like the Tristellar; can you tell us about a few designs successes and a few design flops?


O:  The designer of Tristellar and the Steam Castle Case is the same one, but actually only the Tristellar shocked the world. Deepcool does not see design success and design flops, there are only consumers’ needs. Tristellar meets people’s need with its unique structure – a case into 3 carbines.

K: Are there any new projects or products you can share with us?

O:  We are working on a “smallest case” in the world ever. No date for releasing yet.

K: A lot of us were wearing the green Deepcool masks during our last event (BaseLAN 29.5) and they we’re a real hit with visitors! Can you tell us about that logo? Who designed it? What is the story behind the mask? A lot of us have the impression it’s inspired by the Guy Fawkes masks; could that be related?

Gamer Storm: Deep
Gamer Storm: Deepcool’s Gaming Products

O:  Glad to know people like it. One of our ID designers designed it in 2010.  Brilliant, it is related to the Guy Fawkes a bit. The Gamer Storm logo is about gamers’ mystery.

K: With competitive brands such as Corsair/EK teaming up different graphics cards producers such as MSI for the new GTX1080/1070; are there any potential partnerships in the works that you could talk about?

O:  We don’t have any plans to team up with other GPU brands for GPU water cooling. If we do water cooling for GPU, that would be only for OEM business.

Kelvin M. is an content contributor who can’t get enough fans on his rig.

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