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Sploosh: Halo Wars 2 & Aerial Combat in Star Wars: Battlefront

Alright, time to buckle in and talk filthy space-nerd talk. Yeah, we’re talking Halo and Star Wars. Let’s get right down to it; our loins were teased with new visuals from Star Wars: Battlefront and an unexpected announcement from 343 Industries in the form of Halo Wars 2.

It’s taken me a few hours to get over myself, but all I can really say after seeing both of these trailers and hearing the announcement is: “#@&*^%# CAN 2016 BE HERE NOW”


First, let’s start with Halo Wars 2. The original Halo Wars was one of my all time favourite Xbox 360 titles, being really the only RTS game known to me at the time. I spent hours on the multiplayer — on a console RTS, no less! So you can imagine my joy at hearing Halo Wars 2 will be Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive.

Looks like we’ll be given a brand-new story and from first glance a new crew; I know the majority of the UNSC ship symbols, and this one is completely new to me. We can tell this is still in the Bungie Era of the Halo universe, as the design of the BTR has not changed. As well, if it were to follow directly after the events of Halo Wars, we know that UNSC Spirt of Fire was declared “lost with all hands” twenty-two years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, just ahead of the Human-Covenant War.

Halo wars 3

If this holds true to the game series and 343 follows the timeline, we should see the campaign be in a twelve-year range from 2540 to 2552, the Fall of Reach. My prediction is 2542, as that’s when the glassing of Alluvion took place, led by none other than Thel’Vadam (our buddy The Arbiter from Halo 2, in his pre-Arbiter days). This really speaks out to me, as this would be the time the Jiralhanae would be peaking in the ranks of the Covenant, about to make their ruse a reality — basically, all the cards are lining up.

Other signs that solidify this would be the Spartan armour type — the Mark V was active during this time frame and is clearly visible in trailer (See flying spartan for reference)

Anyways, here’s the trailer with a bunch of Spartan IIIs getting their asses handed to them. Check it out!


I don’t really have words to explain my excitement. Just think inaudible screams and heavy breathing.

Finally; finally, the day has come where we see Battlefront-style aerial combat in the Star Wars universe. My body has never been this ready, ever.

The majesty of Star Wars space combat has had fans pulled in for years. And now, here it is. Seemingly endless hoards of TIE Fighters face off against the Rebel scum on Sullust. My last and only hope is that this is flight stick compatible; the only way to fly is a flight stick, and I do give free lessons. 😉

I won’t talk anymore, you just need to see this for yourself and be left in awe like I was.

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