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Spacebound And Down: It’s Time For Some Space Truckin’ In Space Run Galaxy


Set 20 years after the events of the original Space Run, Captain Buck Mann has now established his very own intergalactic courier service and you’re his newest hire. So get ready to deliver some precious goods in Space Run Galaxy.


Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games, the makers of the original mobile turret defense game, bring us Space Run Galaxy.

This is the second game in the series, where players take on the roll of a space runner to deliver goods from planet to planet with a cargo ship that’s armed to the teeth. Only problem is, they will be up against even more baddies and chaos this time around.

Players will be able to venture through four solar systems and 50 zones, totaling over 100 different runs. There are plenty more contracts this time, too; from secret government weapons to extra-fragile and expensive cargos, the player will have to decide if the risk is worth the reward.


While transporting all of that lovely cargo, players will also have to defend against asteroids, space pirates, and maybe even a few giant space monsters. Luckily they will have access to more laser turrets, missile launchers, and energy shields than ever before. Players will also be able to totally customize the shape and size of their ship so they can prepare for anything the galaxy may throw at them.



Space Run Galaxy is set to release on PC in 2016.

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