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Some Insane Irish Dude Just Killed The World Record For Largest Pixel Art In Minecraft

Thorlar Thorlarian has more free time than you and I. I can pretty much guarantee that. This guy just completed the largest pixel art creation ever made in Minecraft, and HOLY BALLZ, this thing is outrageous!

You truly won’t even believe this image. It’s staggering. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how it’s even possible to make something with this much detail at this scale.


The image uses over a million blocks. 1,128,960 blocks to be precise. It has so many blocks that Minecraft is not able to render enough to make sense of the image until zoomed out dramatically.

It has taken Thorlar 26 weeks of daily work to complete it, and the whole time he’s been doing that, he’s been live streaming every step of the way. His stream page has also been accepting donations, which have been given to Make-A-Wish Ireland.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise so take a look at the video:

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